The Sparadise commitment to body, mind and spiritual wellbeing is embodied in all of our massage therapies. Each experience is customized to your own specific needs; elevating your spirit, relaxing your body and invigorating your mind.

Traditional Thai / 75 min
This traditional massage combines acupressure, shiatsu and yogic stretches. These ancient movements stimulate the meridian lines (energy flow) throughout the body, healing pain and releasing tension. Loose, comfortable clothing is offered as no oils are used during this treatment.
Balinese Experience  / 75 min
A luxurious spa therapy, combining a variety of massage techniques to both relax and renew the spirit. Described as arelaxation massage with attitude, this treatment will boost your circulation and provide all the benefits of a deep tissue massage.
Sacred Stones  / 90 min
Stone massage is a unique connection we experience withnature, offering a sense of profoundness and sacrednessthat we too often forget. Hot basalt stones, along with theharmonic use of cold marble stones, are used to massage theentire body. The direct heat relaxes the muscles, allowingmore intense muscle manipulation compared to any regularmassage, creating a sense of comfort and warmth.
Aromatherapy Massage  / 75 min
Using only carefully selected pure essential oils, based on your own individual needs, this relaxing, yet therapeutic treatment will heighten your senses and calm your mind.
Swedish Deep  / 60 min
TissueTraditional Swedish techniques relieve muscle tension,increase circulation and induce a state of total relaxation.
Mummy – to – be  / 60 min
A completely relaxing massage, designed to nurture and pamper the expectant Mother. Extra care and attention are given at this special time as you experience a state of rejuvenation in both body and spirit.
Holistic Head Massage  / 30 min
Deeply relaxing scalp massage techniques, combined with aspecial blend of oils, take you into a World of tranquility.
Express Back Massage  / 30 min
Concentrating purely on the back, neck and shoulders to eliminate the stress and tension caused by everyday life.
Barefoot Bliss / 30 min
Lie down, listen to serene music and let us take you into sensory heaven. A sumptuous foot scrub, followed by warm towels and an indulgent foot massage incorporating hot stones, send you on the road to complete relaxation.
Thai Herbal Poultice Massage  / 90 min
Today the poultice is still used to alleviate pain or inflammation by opening the pores and bringing a medicinal heat to the muscles to induce relaxation. It aims to harmonize the body, to loosen energy blockages, and to recoup deficiencies along these energy lines. It relaxes the muscles while stimulates blood circulation and energy flow. The Herbal Poultice treatment utilizes warmed muslin poultices of Thailand Chinese herbs that are steamed and applied directly to the body in a kneading action.
Warm Candle Massage  / 60 min
Ever had melted wax trickled on your body? Candles have been a part of prayer and magic for thousands of years. Therapeutically, the aromatic powers from pure Roses, lavender, Jasmine Flowers and Honey and Oats. Induces deep relaxation and divulge a unique sense of comfort and serenity.