• Saar Settlement

    Saar Settlement0

    Saar Settlement – Saar: Dating back to the 3rd millennium BC, the Saar Settlement is a clear identification of the ancient inhabitants of Bahrain highlighted within the well-preserved courtyard houses, a temple and a unique cemetery in the residential quarter. To discover more about the Dilmn civilization, the Saar Settlement is a perfect destination for

  • Diraz Temple

    Diraz Temple0

    Diraz Temple – Diraz: Made all the way back in 3rd millennium BC, Diraz Temple is made up of different sized rectangles for different reasons are all built atop rows of large limestone columns. For all history and archaeology fans, the temple is a sight that needs to be seen on a visit to the

  • Barbar Temples

    Barbar Temples0

    Barbar Temples – Barbar: Dating back to the 2nd and 3rd millennium BC, the Barbar complex includes three temples built over 5 stages representing an aspect of the Dilmun culture. Visiting the Barbar temples is a great opportunity for tourists to discover Bahrain’s history!

  • A’ali Burial Mounds (Dilmun) – A’Ali

    A’ali Burial Mounds (Dilmun) – A’Ali0

    Home to the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world as believed, Bahrain has ancient remains including thousands of burial mounds stretched across the northern side of the island. The greatest well-maintained mounds are the royal burial mounds located in A’ali.