• Premier Medical and Beauty

    Premier Medical and Beauty0

    Uncover a more youthful you at Premier Medical and Beauty, Bahrain’s leading medical vitality center where state of the art innovations in cosmetic and health technologies, and a world class team of experts come together to bring you advanced solutions that will give you back your youth, vitality and confidence! Premier’s specialized Laser Clinic, Plastic Surgery

  • The Perfume Lounge

    The Perfume Lounge0

    Your visit to the Kingdom is definitely incomplete until you explore the magical ambience of The Perfume lounge. Located in the exclusive wing of Bahrain Seef Mall, This fragrance boutique is a niche perfume concept that houses artisanal scents from top international perfume studios. Driven by the passion of 3 businesswomen who have a flair

  • Al Bait Al Khaleeji For Perfumes

    Al Bait Al Khaleeji For Perfumes0

     In AL BAIT AL KHALEEJI, as they master the perfumes language and know its occasions and purposes completely, their products have the ideal presence at all occasions and the correct selection for all classes. Amongst their passion to perfumes and their knowledge to its manufacturing secrets, between their efforts and diligence to produce the best