• Oil Wells – Sakheer:

    Oil Wells – Sakheer:0

    Oil Wells – Sakheer: The first oil well in the Arabian Gulf is located in Bahrain’s desert; Skheer and is situated right below Jebel Al Dukhan. The well made Bahrain the first country in the Gulf to produce oil in 1932, which was a major contributor to Bahrain’s economy!

  • Siyadi Mosque

    Siyadi Mosque0

    Siyadi Mosque – Muharraq: The oldest preserved mosque in Muharraq, Siyadi Mosque, belonged to a 19th century pearl merchant with the mosque neighboring his house (Siyadi House) as a part of the Siyadi complex. The mosque is still used to this date for daily prayers!

  • Pearling Trail

    Pearling Trail0

    Pearling Trail – Muharraq: The natural product of incomparable beauty, the pearls of Bahrain were the base of the country’s economic, cultural and social system, granting Bahrain its global reputation. Bahrain’s pearling trail since then has been granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pearling trail is a definite location to a clear

  • Al Khamis Mosque

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    Al Khamis Mosque – Al Khamis, Bilad Al Qadim, Sheikh Salman Highway: Going all the way back to 692 AD, Al Khamis Mosque is the first mosque built in Bahrain and one of the oldest in the Arab world. The most outstanding feature of the mosque is the twin minarets, which are also its most

  • Al Jasra House & Handicrafts Center

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    Al Jasra House & Handicrafts Center – Al Jasra: Al Jasra House, which was built in 1907 and restored in 1986, offers you a look into a traditional Bahraini dwelling. Illustrating the traditional arts and crafts of the several villages in Bahrain, Al Jasra Handicrafts Center paints the picture of Bahraini traditions highlighting impeccable craftsmanship